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Our Team


Michelle Benjamin

Phone: 317-271-3900

Michelle Benjamin is the owner of Deken Benjamin Insurance and has worked in the insurance industry since 1988. She purchased the agency from Everett Deken in 2005. Michelle enjoys working with her staff and clients daily to figure out insurance solutions that fit everyone’s needs.


Gemma Lou Benjamin

Phone: 317-271-3900

Our Customer Relations Specialist. Gemma Lou started her position here in February and has served in a multitude of functions including bookkeeping, certificates of insurance, and front desk duties. She recently moved to Nevada but occasionally works remotely to assist in important agency management functions.


Stephanie Buster

Phone: 317-271-3900

Stephanie Buster joined the agency in January of 2004. Her role is to assist clients with changes they need to make to their policies. Stephanie is very knowledgeable in many different insurance products.


Shelley Deeken

Phone: 317-271-3900

Shelley (Deeken) came to join our team in May of 2022. She has quickly grasped the concept of insurance and is already licensed. Shelley has a solid background being a 911 operator from her hometown in Tennessee. This experience shows through in how capable she is in wearing many hats at once. Shelley is the glue that holds our office together by handling all front desk duties in addition to all the banking, shopping, and mail duties. She has quickly become part of the Deken Benjamin family and we are blessed to have her. She will be more than happy to tackle your insurance questions and help you with your insurance needs.

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