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About Us

The Evolution of Deken Benjamin

Michelle Benjamin came to work for Everett Deken in 1988. At the time, the agency was named Deken Hale Sink and Associates.​


Michelle Benjamin started work in the agency as a filing clerk. In 1989, Michelle obtained her property casualty insurance license and started writing insurance for Deken Hale Sink and Associates. She left the agency in 1993 to finish her degree and raise a family.


In 1994, Everett Deken changed the name of the agency to Deken Insurance and Investments. At this time, Michelle was finishing her degree and working for a corporate agency in downtown Indianapolis. In 2000, Michelle came back to work for Everett as an office manager and learn the daily duties of an agency principle.


In January of 2004, Stephanie Buster (an insurance client) came in the agency to make a payment and became an instant employee. Within six months, Stephanie became a licensed property casualty agent.


Michelle Benjamin purchased the agency from Everett Deken January 1, 2005. Once the agency was purchased, the name was changed to Deken Benjamin Insurance Agency. During this time, Michelle Benjamin and Stephanie Buster have been working side by side servicing insured clients that go back as far as 1967 to those clients they have just had the pleasure of obtaining.​


The agency has a strong ethical code of providing the client coverage they need and educating the client about their insurance choices. The licensed staff of the agency continually updates their insurance education and attends seminars to keep them up-to-date on the latest insurance laws, trends, and pertinent topics.

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